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Welcome to our vault of PORTABLE UNIVERSE episodes! We're proud to share our off-beat, off-the-beaten-track television content with you. Click and view from the menu on the right and find a vibrant variety of live music, raw poetry, live painting, photographic studies, and many other arts, culture, and life subjects we love shedding light on. 
We're a public-access television show transmitting out of Long Beach, California. Our first show aired in 1999, and, scores of episodes later, we're enjoying a resurgence. We invite you to stay tuned regularly for new episodes. Also, please enjoy our video documentaries Neon Hunting and Tiki Hunters (click below). Both are accompanied by feature articles written by Theo Douglas and published in the Long Beach Press-Telegram, from which you can learn about the show's creator, David Witham, and his frequent collaborator, Matt Cohn.  

There's a Portable Universe inside your dome, always take it with you when you leave home!

Neon Hunting

Tiki Hunters


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